Pic Combo Level 4 Answers and Cheats

Pic Combo Answers

Pic Combo Answers for Level 4 No.60 – No.82 is here now.Pic Combo made by Games for Friends GmbH? If you need some Pic Combo Cheats,we have the answers for you!

Get Pic Combo Answers Level 4 60 – 82:

Pic Combo Level 4 No.60 Answer:HANDBOOK / Hints: Hand giving Thumb up, red book

Pic Combo Level 4 No.61 Answer:FIRECRACKER / Hints: Hand holding a gun, a cracker or biscuit

Pic Combo Level 4 No.62 Answer:BEDLAM / Hints: Couple under white sheet holding hands, Lamb chop or Ribeye steak

Pic Combo Level 4 No.63 Answer:CAMPGROUND / Hints: A family in a green tent,camping, seeds,white cup,tea

Pic Combo Level 4 No.64 Answer:BARBELL / Hints: person in jail,hands holding jail bar, a bell,key number 223

Pic Combo Level 4 No.65 Answer:TRUCKSTOP / Hints: White Truck, girl giving stop sign gesture

Pic Combo Level 4 No.66 Answer:NEWSPAPER / Hints: Blue monitor screen,TV Studio, Colored Papers?

Pic Combo Level 4 No.67 Answer:CARDBOARD / Hints: Man in suit exchanging cards, a wooden board or wood plank

Pic Combo Level 4 No.68 Answer:STEEPLECHASE / Hints: City, a tower, a man running or man with a bat chasing another man

Pic Combo Level 4 No.69 Answer:ARTWORK / Hints: A girl painting or drawing, people in meeting,white laptop

Pic Combo Level 4 No.70 Answer:DARTBOARD / Hints: A blue dart, a black board on wall

Pic Combo Level 4 No.71 Answer:FEEDBACK / Hints: A baby eating,yellow spoon or feeding a baby, a back of a man

Pic Combo Level 4 No.72 Answer:SHOWCASE / Hints: Hands raising on a concert, Red Briefcase or travel case

Pic Combo Level 4 No.73 Answer:GATEHOUSE / Hints: Boy watching a plane, man with magnifying glass seeing a house

Pic Combo Level 4 No.74 Answer:MOTHERHOOD / Hints: 2 girls,mother, daughter, a person in hooded jacket

Pic Combo Level 4 No.75 Answer:PICTURE FRAME / Hints: A crayon drawing of a sun, a mirror with yellow frame

Pic Combo Level 4 No.76 Answer:HOMESCHOOL / Hints: Hands holding a house drawing, keys, children writing or kids studying

Pic Combo Level 4 No.77 Answer:SOAPBOX / Hints: Bubble bath preparation? Blue flower,blue gift, a yellow monster punching,red box glove

Pic Combo Level 4 No.78 Answer:STOPWATCH / Hints: A red Stop sign, a woman holding phone? or a woman watching

Pic Combo Level 4 No.79 Answer:COWHAND / Hints: A cow licking its nose, a hand

Pic Combo Level 4 No.80 Answer:HAIRBRUSH / Hints: A woman with brown curly hair, A person toothbrushing,blue toothbrush

Pic Combo Level 4 No.81 Answer:MANHOLE / Hints: A man in suit, golf stick,golf ball,golf hole

Pic Combo Level 4 No.82 Answer:POLICE / Hints: A man pole jumping, 3 ice cubes

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Pic Combo Level 4 Answers

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