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One Clue Answer Women are from here

One Clue Answer:Venus.

One Clue Answer Uncle’s son

One Clue Answer:Cousin. Family reunions are often filled with cousins.

One Clue Answer Where bats live

One Clue Answer:Caves. Bats inhabit many caves in the world.

One Clue Answer Tubed pasta

One Clue Answer:Macaroni. Macaroni is often served with melted cheese.

One Clue Answer Tree part

One Clue Answer:Branch. Tree branches make a great place for a birds nest.

One Clue Answer Sweet treat

One Clue Answer:Candy. M

One Clue Answer Run after

One Clue Answer:Chase. Some say the thrill is in the chase.

One Clue Answer Move to save a life

One Clue Answer:Heimlich. The Heimlich Maneuver can save your life if you are choking.

One Clue Answer Largest animal

One Clue Answer:Whale. The largest whale is the blue whale, which can get up to 170 tons.

One Clue Answer Goes over rivers

One Clue Answer:Bridge. The longest bridge in the world is the Danyang Grand Bridge in China.